Continuous Network Security Reconnaissance

Find security policy vulnerabilities before they become liabilities

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A revolutionary approach to Enterprise Security Intelligence (ESI). Don’t just review device configs and trust that they work as intended. Use Firebind’s active path-scanning technology to test network security policies and find hidden vulnerabilities in firewall rules, router & switch ACLs, IPS/IDS signatures, DLP configurations, and more…

Firebind can send custom data payloads:

    • Over any Path (network segment)

    • Via any Port (TCP/UDP, any or all 64k ports)

    • Using any Payload (SIP, RTSP, DNS, PII (SS#s), Malware)


Nmap, Ncat, Netcat, and other open source solutions may suffice for a networking expert focusing on a handful or ports, but none of those solutions can offer the ease-of-use, scale, or accuracy as Firebind’s purpose-built technology.

Don’t trust your devices to enforce their rules – Verify them!

Overview video of Firebind Reflector with Custom Payload support

  • Validate firewall rules, switch/router ACLs, IPS/IDS, and DLP signatures
  • Send custom payloads over any or all of the 64k TCP/UDP ports
  • Sync Reflector with Firebind’s Github payload repository or create your own payloads
  • Support for multiple-part payload sequences to emulate any layer 7 payload sequence
  • Combine with multiple Reflector instances for a continuous monitoring solution

Take the Firebind Firewall Challenge

Confirm your egress firewall rules are properly enforced according to your firewall configuration. Choose one of the 64k scans or 1-1024 port scans in the SCANME.FIREBIND.COM Scan Library or enter your own list of custom ports using the SCANME.FIREBIND.COM Scan Applet.   Scan